Meet Melinda + Kristin

Navigating through careers as registered nurses, motherhood and the C word, one glass of wine at a time!

Welcome to the Change of Shift Nursing Blog

Hi Everyone! We are Melinda and Kristin and we created the Change of Shift blog for a few different reasons. We decided on the name to elude to our careers as Nurses, but we also liked what Change of Shift could represent: a change in direction, a shift in perspective, a fresh start maybe?  We are both RN's who met working together in the Intensive Care Unit and quickly bonded while cleaning up bodily fluids and saving lives. Soon after meeting, we became friends and scheduled coffee or wine dates on a regular basis. During this time we vented, laughed, cried, and mostly over-thought all of our life experiences. While we recently have had some of our most challenging life experiences yet, we decided we wanted to take our thoughts online and have coffee/wine dates with people from all around the country, hey, maybe the world! Our goal is to create a community and a safe place to read, relate, vent, cry, laugh and learn along with us, free from judgement or criticism. Don't fret if you are not a nurse, we will be covering all kinds of topics unrelated to nursing. No topic is too taboo. We are on a journey to good health, happiness and healing and we want you to go on this journey with us!