About M+K

About Kristin

Nursing was always my calling, I always felt honored to be able to take care of others in their most vulnerable state.  I have been a nurse since 2012 where I worked as an LVN then went back to school and got my RN license in 2015. Once I got those initials I worked so hard for, I landed my first RN job medsurg/tele night shift. After that I went to ICU and started a preceptorship with an amazing nurse. She showed me the ropes to working the trenches of ICU and learning to deal with emotional tolls of the job was something I had to learn to deal with on my own. I learned the most about myself during that time and how much I loved and hated the job at the same time (hospital politics, the insane charting they expect you to do as you are trying to keep someone alive, lack of resources, etc). About a year later into the job, I met another amazing nurse Melinda. As any nurse knows your co-workers for the most part become your family, they see and deal with things that no one else in your life can relate to. We quickly bonded and started car pooling to work and hanging out on our days off. I decided then to take a clinic “normal schedule” position, in which the same time my little yorkie LuLu became diabetic and went into diabetic ketoacidosis. I needed that schedule to take care of her/manage her insulin. Knowing I needed the schedule but not feeling the personal fulfillment of what I was doing, I found a way to do both and go back into ICU. The beauty of nursing is it always gives you options for any stage of your life- it has been an interesting ride for sure so far and it is not nearly over!




About Melinda

Growing up I knew I wanted to have a career caring for others. When I was very little, I dreamt of being a pediatrician, but then my grandma and mom became nurses and I was fascinated by the stories they would tell. From a young age, I remember going out to eat with my mom and her friends and would listen intently to tales of heartbreak, love, hope, and even the gory stuff. I knew that was what I wanted to do. In nursing school, I decided I wanted to aim for pediatrics or labor and delivery but found myself in the Intensive Care Unit as a new grad (talk about terrifying) when the job opportunity presented itself. That is where I stayed the majority of my career until after I had my first baby and realized I wanted to be able to spend more time with her and have more energy to have quality time being a mom. I moved to an outpatient department which I have been loving. In August of last year, I left for Maternity leave, and less than a month later was diagnosed with Cancer at the same time as having my second baby girl. This has opened my eyes to so many things, one being that I have been missing having a creative outlet in my life. I definitely am not an English major, but I very much enjoy writing and want to hopefully be able to write about topics that mom’s, nurses, cancer patients and anyone on a journey to health and happiness can relate to. At the same time, I am seeking that same comfort and inspiration from others by having you all share your experiences.